1,000 Ft Waterslide Is Sliding In To Redding

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Waterslide in Redding!

I for one think a great idea! The water is being recycled. What little water that is waisted is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions waisted by everyday use by the general population! And as hot as it has been this past summer I welcome a little fun in the sun that's local and for everyone to enjoy! Waterworks park is to small and overpriced! Give me a break! So don't come ok it if it bothers u so much! There will be more evaporation going on the they'll be waisting of water!I! It's not a white water rafting event! I was more concerned that the flow wouldn't be strong enough to move you , but with the hill and gravity it won't take much!

Kirby more than 3 years ago

Event date

When is this event scheduled for

Alecia more than 3 years ago

Such a waste

This is totally a waste of water, and a ridiculous reason to raise funds. Kids Kingdom doesn't need an upgrade, citizens should appreciate how awesome the park already is.

Amber more than 3 years ago


Really, waterside? Water wasting. What's our water park for? So those of us whom were penalized for water waste, now we watch it get wasted for a thrill on placer st.? Wow!!! Will we the customers be reimbursed since your wasting water this time? Sad. Disappointed. I vote NO!!! We need every drop we can get. I'm sure our Fire fighters agree.

Erica more than 3 years ago

Age Limits?

Will kids,be able to do it, what age limits ?

Sharon Smedley more than 3 years ago