An Open Letter To The College Kids Who Trashed Our Lake

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What a bummer

I'm quite ashamed that their from Oregon maybe their just unruly transfers from other places. But none the less they should have manners but then again with frat money they don't care... that's why they just left perfectly good equipment out and no care for the land..

Spaz more than 3 years ago

Go after the frat

You should contact the national chapter of the frat on the cooler (and any other frats/sorority names you find) and tell them what their chapter did. You might get a response.

Buge Halls more than 3 years ago

Usable Goods for Others?

What a great opportunity for the homeless to get some tents and other supplies they may need. Sorry, that is the only positive thing I could think of that could come from such disrespect to our beautiful lake...

Val - Shasta CA more than 3 years ago

U of O mess

If that much equipment was abandoned, then it should all be rounded up and auctioned off to pay for the cleanup.

Dave - Redding, California more than 3 years ago


I heard that there was too much human waste in the tents to salvage them...gross

Lisa more than 3 years ago

Trashed lake

Oregon State was there two weeks ago, this mess was all U of O.

ET more than 3 years ago

they were on!y a little better

You should of seen the parking lot at bridge bay when they left. There was garbage, tents, clothes and stuff all over their parking lots when they left also.

Nancy more than 3 years ago