Opinion: Dear Federal Government, Don't Lay a Hand on our Beloved Shasta Dam




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Great article, good points...

I think this article lays out great arguments for why Shasta Dam should not be raised. Thank you Zach! I totally agree with all of your points.

Dave Andrade more than 1 year ago

You're out of your mind!

California's population has grown on average net every year. right now, thanks to the mass exodus prompted by Jerry and his clan, we are only averaging .7% increase in growth but the numbers are staggering. This state has nearly 40 million people... (39.4 million to be more precise). And here's a news scoop for you. People need water! ALL of them. That makes people who use water the largest special interest group in the state equaled only by people who breathe air! In spite of the population growth, water production (meaning storage) has not increased in a decade - even longer, despite promises from Sacramento, and bonds passed by willing voters (who also drink water - those rotten special interest scoundrels). We need more water to be stored to help tide us over (pun intended) in dry years. this is not "Northstate vs Southland" issue. We need more water storage and we need to do whatever it takes to do it. For southland pools? maybe. For farmers who grow (here's a scoop) food... (People who eat - another LARGE special interest group).. people who are employed in California's most important industry (agriculture - that's especially true here in the Northstate) and recreation to name just a few. We need more water storage - it is plain and simple - and all your reasons for stopping water storage production well... they just don't hold water. Raise the dam. Build the reservoirs. Let's plan for California's future rather than lament that more water will cause us to build new roads and bridges (horror!!). With all due respect, you just got this wrong. Even though by so doing, you're not "all wet"!

Cal Hunter more than 1 year ago