Running Into Friends, and A Lifestyle

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Running Into Friends, and A Lifestyle
Jackie has been a terrific asset to Redding Recreation in many ways: assisting in the youth sports program and the preschool programs, and working the front office; but, most importantly to me, interning in the Marketing Department. As a department of one, Jackie has been a terrific help in getting the world out about the great programs Redding Recreation offers. She has grown up in Redding Recreation's sport's programs so her knowledge as an "insider" has been invaluable; as a Communication Major at Simpson she has been able to offer fresh ideas and thoughts about marketing through social media; and as a local athlete and resident she has community insight and connections that have contributed greatly to this department. The same determination, discipline, and faith that has brought her success in the cross country world, will surely bring her wins her lifelong race of learning, growing, achieving, serving, and giving. Thank you, Jackie!

T. more than 4 years ago