The 10 Best Craft Beers Brewed in Northern California




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Ridiculous List

Maybe 3 of these beers belong on this list. It's like reading an Entertainment Weekly best list. I came here looking for suggestions and see that the author knows dick about Cali craft beer.

D.M. 48 days ago

Etna Blackberry Blonde

Etna Brewing Blackberry Blonde will put the small brewery west of Mt Shasta on the map!

Ty 129 days ago

Mendocino Brewing Co.

I think Mendocino Brewing Company deserves a spot on this list, although recently closed its doors due to money issues, was the first brewpub in California post-prohibition and is a legend in the California craft beer industry.

Bmansell 130 days ago

Craft beer

I think Woody's Brewing Co in Redding deserves, at the least, honorable mention for its Apricot Wheat ! Great beer that pairs well with just about any type of food.

Steve Hoffman 130 days ago