The Mysterious Case of the UFO that Flew Over NorCal



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Or it was one of our rich masters that live in the area that are above the law. They do not make themselves invisible, no need. The Rothschilds, Hearsts, Kimberly Clark and how many others own the majority of land in Northern California. They are the breakaway civilization, the gun toting, chewing hillbillies are not interested in things such as the coming/present singularity such as Sophia and Han from Hanson Robotics or uploading consciousness. Or could it be related to the large Chinese/Japanese government funded flight school in Redding, Ca? (IASCO) Also with the top 10 US contractors being all aerospace receiving over a trillion dollars a year in taxpayer dollars it is not inconceivable that they play with a lot of toys. Just as our weather is all nature and not manipulated. lol

guru more than 1 year ago


Wonder why they didn't scramble out of K Falls?....Would have been much quicker than Portland!

Richard more than 1 year ago