The Mystery Behind Crater Lake's Old Man

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Floating log

It's vertical because it is heavier at one end, I'd put money on it. That's how all these alien beacons work. It helps guide them to where good fruit picking jobs are.

Barry Goldwater 360 days ago

Old Man Canada?

Per below of fail. Canada dork? No. Crater Lake OREGON USA. Crater as in USA Crater that is. Not Canada canook.

Thomas Moore 360 days ago


This is a story about Crater lake, Quebec, CANADA. Am Canadian, wen't to watch video.. 'The uploader has not made this video available in your country.'

Picard Facepalm 360 days ago

yep. its crater lake Oregon. see it myself sorry dude

Wrong ^ this is in Oregon Crater lake. See it with my own eyes not just videos.

tangerinequeen 359 days ago

What crap journalism is that title?

"scientist don't know why"? Could it be that no one has studied it?

Go back to BuzzFeed, hack.

ShuRugal 361 days ago

Larry king...

...of stumps. Stop asking why and start wondering how. The Larry king of 130 years ago.

Not Larry king 361 days ago


You filmed in the water and didn't show the underside? Obvious hoax.

Bullshit 361 days ago

Video Not Available

What possible reason would there be to geolock a video about a tree floating in a lake, honestly!

Rest of the world 361 days ago


I just used a vpn to watch a geo-locked video about a floating tree. I think that's even more baffling.

peter b 361 days ago


I have no idea what im doing on this website. Your comment made me think i was on reddit

e 360 days ago

Old Man Stump

No one has tried to remove this and sell it? Shocking

J 361 days ago

Not as shocking as you might think

That would be a logistical nightmare. Only one trail goes down to the lake, and private boats aren't allowed. Add in the fact that the Old Man is 30-feet of solid wood, and there's no way anyone could get him out.

Z 361 days ago



helicopter 361 days ago

Plus the water weight

30 ft of water logged tree at that. It would take a crane to lift it.

Chris B 361 days ago

water weight

Like the choppers that dump giant buckets of water on fires.

ChopperDave 361 days ago

Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane

This helicopter can lift 11 tons. It could easily lift that stump.

EBlaze 361 days ago

Old Man Stump

An alien beacon, I'm sure of it

Roy Jakola 361 days ago

I'm not saying Aliens, but...

Please don't automatically assume aliens. There's a perfectly good (unfound) scientific explanation for this.

John Reese 361 days ago


No he's right, definitely extra terrestrial communication.

Scully 361 days ago


Scully what are you doing here pushing ET agendas?!

Matt 361 days ago


It is definitely an alien landing beacon, trust me, I am an expert on this.

Roger Smith 361 days ago

CIA Alert

Get back in the attic Roger!!

Stan Smith 360 days ago


I know for a fact that aliens are behind this.

Darryl 361 days ago


I've seen aliens wandering around the banks, looking/pointing at the stump.

Cynthia 361 days ago

What about....

Scientific aliens.

Ted bundy 361 days ago

Smart Wildlife

It's most likely some kind of collaboration between the raccoons, marmots and beavers in the area. Possibly.involving owls and otters but unlikely. I wonder where else their organic submarine technogy has been deployed?

Rolf 361 days ago

Marmots are suspicious

The marmots are the ringleaders in all this. They've got the otters tying tubular webbing to the stump, schlumping it back to shore where waiting raccoons rig it into harnesses for elk to drag around. Mysterious movements, hah!

The skunks 360 days ago