A History of Bigfoot Sightings in Northern California


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Encounter outside of Gilroy, Ca

I've had my own encounter while camping 2 years ago near Coyote Lake Harvey Bear/ Orestimba open space. It was rather an extension of an earlier experience, but it wasn't until the second one that I put them together. It was in the articles general area. Good to know I'm not losing my marbles...lol

Robin Griffith 110 days ago


I was 6 to 8 feet from one they exist

Susan 184 days ago


I would really like to here your story about being 6-8 feet from a Bigfoot. Could you elaborate on your comment? I am not a disbelieve in Bigfoot. I have just never seen one for myself. Although I have spent lots of time in the wilderness as a sportsman. Could you tell your story.

David Seaton 148 days ago


Was jogging in the Sierra mountains on a small paved road. Something in the trees next the road was attempting to copy my jogging steps. It made a lot of noise on the broken branches on the ground. I thought it was a person so I said I can hear you in there. It stepped out from behind the pine trees and gave me the shock of my life.

Susan 147 days ago


Can you file a report with bfro.net please? They keep a database of sightings.

DR 119 days ago

Quimby road 1983

Face to face experience. It was 2am I was 13 I was going to the restroom when an ape/human looking beast looked in the window. I was frozen in fear we locked eyes it felt like 4 minutes but in reality it was a minute or so. I knew it was not a man the window was at least 8 feet above the outside ground. The next I went to investigate and the clovers/weeds where smashed down. I knew it had to be a big foot. later that year I was able to snap a picture of the beast roaming near our cows and bull heading up towards grant ranch it was as wide as our black angus and stood about 6 feet taller than our bulls shoulders. I will never forget.

Mondo 110 days ago