A History of Bigfoot Sightings in Northern California


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Bigfoot of Butte Creek Ca

I will tell you my NorCal Bigfoot experience. In Sep 2017 I accepted position working at a Humboldt County California medical cannabis farm for a first year farmer. I had been in Western Washington state working near Anacortes. I took a Greyhound bus to Eureka Cal arriving Fri Sep 8, 2017. The first year farmer needed my help at his farm 12mi East of Kneeland Ca. The location is part of the Trinity Forest. Apon arrival Friday afternoon I exited the truck to the sounds of multiple"whoops" from either side of the mountain. I asked the owner if he heard this..His reply " Yay..We've been hearing that the last couple of days." I have researched in Washington and back home in the Midwest...but had never heard this but in dozens of audio clips. Wow!
Friday Sep 9, 8:44pdt While crossing the driveway to urinate over the eastern ledge of the mountain just passed dusk. As I relieve myself..A unobstructed"whoop" is directed at me from approx 50yds down a 30° grade. I backed away saying.."ok...ok...ok." I asked the owner (sitting on porch facing east) "Did you hear that?" He said.."That wasn't you?" "No". I remember feeling really scared then..They were there. Butte Creek Road. I had at that point asking myself if I could handle it. Tues Sep 12, 2018 2:45am...All cabin windows open..I awake to crashing limbs and multiple"whoops" behind the cabin 30ft away. I believe there were 2-3 moving and whooping. One even turns directly towards the open window and "whoops". I was on the other side of THAT OPEN window shaking under the covers. I had "whooped" a few calls earlier that day. Now more than 1 is walking 30ft from my bed! I couldn't look..there was no power left from solar. They had complete advantage. The next day I wanted to leave..I wasn't ready for this. I decided to stay and stepped up the research efforts. Friday Sep 15, 2017..I placed a wide mouth lidded clear plastic jar with apples nd maple jerky on the game trail across the driveway. A fallen log sits at the ledge. A placed the jar on the log and built a limb structure adjacent to the log. The following morning the jar was gone..The lid laid gently atop the log..and the limb structure was restructured! Eureka! I felt incredible..but I opened a Pandora's Box. I knew that gifting a Sasquatch might keep them nonaggressive..but I knew since this was their home..They might more curious..They did. On the 28th at 1:05am...2 red luminescent eyes were seen peeking in the rear cabin window at 8.5ft off the ground for 15 secs. Then..Oct 1, 2017 I was working 70yrds north of cabin at 6:18pdt I heard a grunt at my 1 o'clock at treeline 60ft away..a few seconds later..a snort from 1 o'clock ..I turn and in a arch like clearing behind a 8ft poly construction fence stood a dark brown 9.5ft tall Sasquatch! I just looked at him and shook my head "yes" as if to say without words.."I see you..and recognize your calling me to look at you." I studied him for 7-10 sec and broke eye contact and walked away. He did the same.

Chris Grammer 323 days ago

Encounter outside of Gilroy, Ca

I've had my own encounter while camping 2 years ago near Coyote Lake Harvey Bear/ Orestimba open space. It was rather an extension of an earlier experience, but it wasn't until the second one that I put them together. It was in the articles general area. Good to know I'm not losing my marbles...lol

Robin Griffith more than 1 year ago

Sasquatch siting at Lake Oroville

In fall of 1975 or spring of 76, I was fishing along the bank of McCabes cove with my mom and brother. I was walking about half a mile from where we parked and found myself on a scant trail in heavy brush and tall grass. I was very nervous of rattle snakes because I was only wearing shorts and could not see the trail well. So I was looking down and moving cautiously, using my fishing rod to test the grass ahead of me to avoid stepping on a snake. I had just stepped over a log , still looking down at the trail, when I felt like I was being watched. I looked up and it took a couple of seconds for me to see a large hairy beast standing upright against a backdrop of oak brush and trees. We were very close to one another, approximately 30’. The creature was standing perfectly still as if hiding in plain sight. I saw it only moments before it realized that I was aware of it presence. As soon as it knew that I was aware, it made a sudden tense bolting motion then fled through the trees and heavy brush making its own pathway with incredible speed. It ran upright, and I could see a path of broken branches in its wake. I saw the ground torn up where it had bolted and could see some tracks, but my heart was pounding and all I could think about was the quickest way out of the area. So I ran up the hill to the highway, then started walking along the road to meet up with my family. I never made an official report, and have told very few people.

nelson george 90 days ago

Avid BF researcher

H, I live in Morgan Hill and would love to know about your experience. Please contact me at 1chuckb@charter.net.

Chuck 43 days ago


I was 6 to 8 feet from one they exist

Susan more than 1 year ago


I would really like to here your story about being 6-8 feet from a Bigfoot. Could you elaborate on your comment? I am not a disbelieve in Bigfoot. I have just never seen one for myself. Although I have spent lots of time in the wilderness as a sportsman. Could you tell your story.

David Seaton more than 1 year ago


Was jogging in the Sierra mountains on a small paved road. Something in the trees next the road was attempting to copy my jogging steps. It made a lot of noise on the broken branches on the ground. I thought it was a person so I said I can hear you in there. It stepped out from behind the pine trees and gave me the shock of my life.

Susan more than 1 year ago


Can you file a report with bfro.net please? They keep a database of sightings.

DR more than 1 year ago

Quimby road 1983

Face to face experience. It was 2am I was 13 I was going to the restroom when an ape/human looking beast looked in the window. I was frozen in fear we locked eyes it felt like 4 minutes but in reality it was a minute or so. I knew it was not a man the window was at least 8 feet above the outside ground. The next I went to investigate and the clovers/weeds where smashed down. I knew it had to be a big foot. later that year I was able to snap a picture of the beast roaming near our cows and bull heading up towards grant ranch it was as wide as our black angus and stood about 6 feet taller than our bulls shoulders. I will never forget.

Mondo more than 1 year ago