Remembering the Devastating Chemical Spill that Killed All the Wildlife on the Upper Sacramento River



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I'm am very young and I had no idea this happened! I feel so bad for whoever had to never go outside or keep there windows shut!

nunya 284 days ago

Cantara & Amnesia

It only takes one generation, and it's erased, forgotten, and gone from memory. Like it never even happened. People go on with their work-a-day lives. Raise families. If it cannot be seen, then it must not exist. Right? Cantara can and will happen again. There's been several close calls in that area since that spill in 1991. It needs to be fixed. Why hasn't it been fixed? When will it be fixed? Water is a precious and finite commodity. And it's precious to each one of us that hope to exist and flourish on our planet. The (only)water that we have to drink, is not only sustaining us, it's changing us on a molecular level. And with each passing generation these changes cause genetic mutations; some potentially good, others not. My final point is this- everything that goes into the water today, is everything that goes into the body tomorrow. No one is unaffected. No one.

Broken Jenny more than 1 year ago

Media Inquiry

Hi Jenny,

I would love to talk to you about this issue for a project I am currently researching. Please feel free to contact me at if you get a chance.

Thanks a lot,

Theo 190 days ago