The Turbulent History of Mt. Shasta's Old Ski Bowl



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Ski Bowl Memories

Came up from my home on North Lake Tahoe, to Mt. Shasta, in 1974 for the first and only time and was so impressed with the mountain. In 75 I joined the Navy and when I got out in 1980 it was gone. Still ski the old ski bowl today but access is the old fashioned way or by snowmobile up to 10,000 ft or so. What a majestic mountain and place!

Robert Carroll more than 1 year ago

Old ski area

This is where I learned to ski.
We had a used ski equipment buy and swap every year in the Dunsmuir gym and could ride the school bus to the skibowl for 25 cents. The lessons were free, the
Mt Shasta Herald took care of the costs in some way. The lessons were in the morning and the free rope tow in the afternoon so we could practice what we just learned. I could never have afforded to learn otherwise. Great childhood growing up in the shadow of the mountain

Mark Jacobs more than 1 year ago

Old ski lift mt shasta

My mom has one of the origional chairs from the old chair lift. She taught ski school on the mt. And taught at mt.shasta high school. She passed away. Nov.14,2017.

Christine thunberg more than 1 year ago