10 Places To Mark Off Your Shasta Cascade Bucket List

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great list

Have been to all. All worth it. Great list.

Darcie Bruch more than 2 years ago

Good Choices

I've seen all 9 (good choices), and then some! Get out of Redding and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us, folks!

Josh G more than 3 years ago

Common misnomer

Sorry, but there is no such place as "Lake Shasta." The body of water created by the damming of the Sacramento and other rivers is named "Shasta Lake." I am glad to see that you did rightfully refer to Lassen Peak correctly, though. It is too commonly referred to that other mythical mountain, "Mt. Lassen".

Maureen Sechrengost, Lakehead, CA more than 3 years ago


Toe-mate-o... Toe-mah-toe

Joe Burns more than 3 years ago