Video Guide To 5 Quintessential NorCal Hikes

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Please stop exploiting the Mt. Shasta area. I'm sure you won't post this. Also Babbling Suess embellishes his stuff. Most of it isn't accurate.

Concerned Citizen more than 2 years ago


He's actually very accurate. Everyone with even a little interest in hiking and the outdoors should do themselves a favor and check out his website. It's a tremendous resource.

Parks are for everyone more than 2 years ago

Your huge Ad

Great site, completely ruined, by the ridiculous Ad permanently installed on your front page which impedes a persons ability to see videos...annoying as hell.

Jerry more than 2 years ago

Grizzly Lake

Your photo of Grizzly Lake is not Grizzly Lake. I'm not sure if you knew that. Just wanted you to know since it doesn't line up with the description. The photo is of Canyon Creek Lakes.

Benjamin more than 3 years ago