Guy Films Epic Cliff Jumping Stunts Around NorCal

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How fun

I jumped from off that spot. Just in from the fall a bit. Only I did not do the gainer. And it took me 45 minutes to finally do it. I had Jeff Snider, Jared Herberger, and Jake Baldwin as witnesses.

Brett Barney more than 3 years ago

Justin is killing it!

Love Justins work! Cant wait for more of his videos.

Brennan Hatton more than 3 years ago

Go Jert!

Go Jert!

BH more than 3 years ago

Name Correction

Justin Jenny here, thanks for featuring my work! Jeff is non existent... my name is "Justin" not Jeff lol! -Cheers~

Justin Jenny more than 3 years ago

Article Correction

Its Justin Jenny not Jeff lol

Mike Berritta more than 3 years ago