Baum Lake, a Terrific Fall and Winter Fishery



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If you like to fish in a place surrounded my mechanical noise, obnoxious city people throwing 30 lb test lines with 6 oz pyramid sinkers, trash everywhere, and almost no fish at all, this is the place for you! The locals quit fishing here when PG&E had the toxic spill last winter which left the few remaining fish full of really poisonous gunk that can kill al dog in a matter of minutes. All of this and Fish & Game regularly targets the place for minor, made-up violations for which it levies fines of up to $1,500 ... each!! Your best bet is to go to Lake Shasta and fish for the planted rainbows or the bass. Baum Lake is more than a joke it is a bad joke. Don't go there. The rumor is that the tales of large trout is just a public relations scheme by the Burney Chamber of Commerce.

Joel 345 days ago

Nope wrong again

Here’s the real scoop, Baum can be awesome, and Baum can be so slow the Osprey leave the lake. Fished it four tomes this year and each time it was SLOWWWW.
Pelicans, weeds, and no working fish make it time for burger and fries in Burney.
But hit it right and you are in fishing heaven, Joel seems like he has had bad timing and bad experiences, I have had AWESOME days there with 14-20” rainbows and even a linker or two (the large fish I have caught are hatchery fish, typically pretty scarred and not to photogenic) but they fight like a true rainbow

Jim 317 days ago

There gose one of the last great secrets

Now every cupcake from around will be trashing this little known gem!
Some things should just be left for locals and for the very few people who go out and find places like it on thier own. That is the only way they can truly love a place like this and respect its true value ! But yes this place is great and please if you must seek it out "pack it in pack it out" oh yeah and dont keep the native trout please. If you cant tell the difference between ... then you dont need to fish here !

Jd more than 1 year ago

response to "there gose one of the last great secrets"

This place is about as secret as The Black Plague. Locals used to go there before the toxic spill back in 2017 which left the fish stunted and seizure prone. As for the so-called trophy trout, I've seen better goldfish at the local school carnival. Stay away from Baum Lake. Better to go over to Lake Shasta and catch the planted rainbows. Be sure to use plenty of Power Bait on a treble hook!

Joel 345 days ago