Is It Possible To Jump Off Burney Falls? You're About To See For Yourself

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Extremely disrespectful

This is a sacred site for the Pit River people, not your playground.

Mike 175 days ago


When the Native People's clean up the garbage heaps around their homes then they can talk about how they respect mother nature. To see all the garbage piled around houses just drive though Hat Creek. It is sickening to see the old cars, discarded appliances, trash just piled up & surrounding the sacred homes of those Natives.

Kari 116 days ago

Sad day

Dart is at the falls as I type this looking for an individual that jumped and did not survive.

Missy more than 1 year ago

Johnny Weismuller

My mom lived in Burney asa child. Her older sister, Hannah told me when I was young that she had seen Johnny Weissmuller jump off Burney Falls. She was a school teacher later in life and was not known as a BS artist.

Tim Yearnshaw more than 1 year ago

Cliff Life

Lil Josh and Russ both sent it without a vest or wetsuit.

Sam more than 2 years ago

cliff jumping

there is a kid I follow on Instagram that does a lot of these fallls, Robert Wall

Lisa Dixon more than 2 years ago

Its not that high

its only 50 feet. tops

some idiot more than 2 years ago

Misdemeanor Charge

I am sure the public would like to know that Nick Coulter was in fact charged with a Misdemeanor offense for this since it is tresspassing to enter all areas associated with the cliffs and talus slopes of Burney Creek Canyon surrounding Burney Falls extending down Burney Creek to a distance of 250 yards below the lower Rainbow footbridge. Law Enforcement Rangers write citations for this and Shasta County District Attorney and Superior Court will prosecute it. These orders are in the California Code of Regulations and are posted outside of the entrance station at the park.

Ranger more than 2 years ago

Jokes on on the Park Rangers

Yes I was originally charged with a misdemeanor, but had my lawyer make some calls to the DA. Ending result was an infraction that is no longer on my record. Less than 200 dollars. WELL fucking worth it. In fact I'd do it again. I'll be back.

Nick Coulter more than 2 years ago


Considering you were given leniency and a chance, not sure if gloating about doing it again and not caring is worth it. Especially because chances are only given out once.

Realism more than 2 years ago

Inform me

Why is jumping off a waterfall a crime? What harm is it doing to the public? Especially when the video clearly states the stunt is done by a professional and to not attempt. I see no reason for the penal code to be put in effect.

Bog Wall more than 1 year ago


It’s illegal because it’s suicide. 1 person survived 1 time by pure luck. The height and small area that you need to hit is not likely to work out, plus the frigid waters and currents working against you. They make it illegal because the chances of survival are so slim. This isn’t your typical fun waterfall jump.

Lg more than 1 year ago

Live a little?

These are the few things that are FAIRLY harmless anymore. Excuse the guy for getting out and being adventurous. Locals cliff jump and do all kinds of "crazy" things that to me, are a part of LIVING IN SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE. Get outside. I don't see any outward disrespect for the earth, etc.

Kelsey more than 2 years ago


If you don’t know the area and don’t know the waterfall you shouldn’t speak about it. The small area to hit below and the razor sharp rocks below to kill you are a good reason is should be keep idiots from killing themselves trying to have fun. Not to mention the frigid waters and currents to keep you under too long. The last guy wasn’t found for over 24 hours. So yes, there is no ‘outward disrespect for the earth’ but an extreme chance of death. We have a ton of waterfalls within 20 mins of this one ‘living in such a beautiful place’ ....pick one you’ll survive and have a good time.

Liv more than 1 year ago


Have you personally done the depth checks? Are you a professional? Do you have training in this area? Then shut your mouth

KB more than 1 year ago

Crazy and just lucky...

I have been there at the top and bottom, it didn't look that deep. when we tried to wade out it was so cold in the middle of summer...

Viree more than 3 years ago


holy cow you guys are crazy.................geezzzzz

sally more than 3 years ago


It wasn't Weismuller, it was for the TV show Tarzan.

Alan more than 3 years ago


They are absolutely nuts.

debra kimbell more than 3 years ago