Off the Beaten Path - Kosk Hot Springs



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Hot spring Access

I've been visiting these springs for over 20 years and I do believe they are on private property. However, access always been permitted and camping was prohibited only a few years ago. There is a prehistoric Native American cemetery here. Be respectful, pick up any trash on your way in and out (including the parking area) and perhaps you'll encounter the "spirit-entity" as I did. I don't particularly believe in that kind of stuff but what happened defies rational explanation.I'd like to say a special Thank You to the landowner for granting years of public access.

Douglas 40 days ago

Kosk Creek Hot Springs

Are you sure the hot springs aren't on private property?? Might want to do some research on the ownership of the land you walked on to get to both areas. It is nice that some are trying to be respectful of the area.

Been there, done that 195 days ago