Symbol of the State: Bringing the Grizzly Bear Back to California

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Bad idea

A lot of things have changed over the past 100 years, human population density and decreased viable habitat necessary for a predator such as the grizzly are two of the major changes. California is already created a special protection status for the mountain lion (another bad idea) which has severely impact deer and bighorn sheep populations and created ongoing problem for ranchers with livestock. So adding another protected apex predator is just a bad idea. There are many other restoration efforts that make so much more sense.

B. K. Perkins 37 days ago

Habitat isn't ready

We should probably focus on restoring/securing our salmon runs, floodplains, wetlands, and habitat connectivity as a first step, before dumping the bears in some degraded, fragmented crap hole. Also, lets start with our elk and beavers.

Derek 40 days ago

No thank you

Pretty dumb idea. There is no question someone will get hurt or the bears will be killed. There are simply not enough empty spaces left in California. It's not a question of if, but when these bears will interact with humans and that will not go well.

Mountain Guy 90 days ago

Absolutely not

It’s already difficult managing predators, lets just add grizzlies which are extremely human aggressive unlike their black bear cousins. It would make a trip to the wilderness a nightmare. They haven’t been here for almost 100 years, keep them out.

Rae 148 days ago

California grizzlies

We have many hundreds of black bears in Shasta County, but no thank you on the grizzlies.

Susan Cook, Igo CA more than 1 year ago

Grizzly reintroduction

They need to release them in their original range then which is the San Fransico Bay area!

David Crowley more than 1 year ago