The Flumes and Cable Pools of Paradise

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Your article is encouraging people to trespass on private property where there are hazards that they are not aware of, nor prepared for and as such you are putting them in danger and placing liability on PG & E and local property owners. Please removed this article and understand that you are exposed to significant legal and financial liability

do not be foolish 345 days ago


I remember running along the flumes and hardly running into another soul. It's sad this beautiful area is being over exposed. Please remove this article in respect of this beautiful area.

TJ 345 days ago

Flume Closure

This acticle should be removed. Things like these are the reason our waterways are being trashed by non-locals. If you don't live here you likely won't respect it. Other places have clean up crews but people don't realize that nobody is paid to pick up trash on the flumes. Not to mention the flumes can be extremely dangerous especially if you don't know the terrain very well. I've personally bandaged one life threatening and one non life threatening injury. Both people were not from the area and had heard about it online. This oversharing needs to stop so the people who do actually respect the area and heed the dangers of the flumes are not punished.

Keefer Fulton 346 days ago

Keep the Flumes Alive

It's great that you guys motivate people to explore the outdoors. However, this article has the potential to get an excellent spot shut down. I know you guys wouldn't want that. Please remove it to enable the spot to live on! People that put in effort to find spots are a lot more likely to respect them and by removing this article you could help save the spot.

Aaron 346 days ago


Please remove this article. PG&E has stated that if more injuries occur over the summer they will increase ticket activity and potentially shut down the flume system. I've only heard of a few people receiving tickets but they were for $380 EACH. Injuries have already happened this summer and PG&E is under pressure to patrol entry ways.

Chai 346 days ago

PG&E policy: no flume hiking

I was Googling to find a map with Sierra flumes with their trails and found this article:

Steve Brudney more than 1 year ago

Cable pool

Anyone know how to actually get to the cable pools cliff. Seems like a mystery to even locals

Caden more than 2 years ago

cable pool

Park behind the church at Pearson and Pentz. Walk down the road to the flume. Go right, take the second trail down to the river.

Charlie more than 1 year ago