Strange Paranormal Encounters of Mt. Shasta

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Shadow Shasta

Mt Shasta has no strangle paranormal, that is active US Military "veiled ships" which sleeping people and new agers call ufos. Adding to that the drugs, shamanic plant/drugs and pot grows in the area, the shadows are rising, and the economy is starting to decline. Those who do not "see" or are not seers and can't see what is happening across the veil are ok, for what we are not aware of does not effect us consciously. Those of us who are, stay away.

Lightning 155 days ago

Mount shasta

Why is it that no paranormal is happening now?

Revathy 296 days ago


because it was kicked out in ceremony

shadow binder 155 days ago

Mt lassen

I know for a fact there are ufos that enter mt Lassen

JOSEPH more than 1 year ago

Strange Encounter

Several years ago I was on a business trip as I had construction projects in Sparks, NV and Redding, CA. These were large energy and industrial projects so I was usually in the aforementioned areas 2x per month. I would leave Reno and travel to Redding via the Lessen Volcanic National Park; beautiful. Anyway, the last time I made the full trip I took a detour into Oregon to visit Crater Lake. Ate dinner, spent the evening and the next morning headed back to CA. As I was headed toward Honey Lake I decided to visit the Lava Beds. Drove in the back country, walked amongst the lava rocks and decided it was time to go. Driving through the park, which was completely deserted, something told me to take a detour. Driving slowly, with Mt. Shasta in plain view I noticed remnants of a rock foundation off to the right. Once again, something told me to stop and walk through the remnants. Reading the plaque this site was a barracks for the US Calvary during the Modoch Indian wars. Reading the plaque and viewing the plaque I viewed the list of the US Soldiers that lost their lives. One name stood out in particular; Pvt. Matthew Flynn. My name is Jim Flynn. I still believe this was not an odd coincidence.

Jim Flynn more than 1 year ago

Lava Beds

Great story Jim. One of my ancestors was there too. I have been there twice. OPB, Oregon Public Broadcasting has a great program on the Modoc Wars. All the best, Steve

Stephen Stewart more than 1 year ago

Mt. Shasta

The most scary thing about Mt. Shasta, is that I am there a lot; and that alone should scare even the bravest person. LOL

Donald L. Kirk (Don) more than 1 year ago