The Historic Castle on the McCloud River

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Sorry, it was me. I dropped my cigar as I passed out from the drinking. It was around 7:10 when I was awoken by the heat. It feels good to finally let it out. I'm in my nineties now, it was hard to keep to myself.

Johnny Walker 347 days ago

Wyntoon Castle

Phoebe Hearst Wyntoon Castle burned down on Saturday Jan.18, 1930. The fire started on the fifth floor about 7:00 p.m. in the evening.

Ron Linebarger more than 1 year ago

wyntoon castle

false, phoebe started it in an insurance battle with local logging companies stealing trees. ultimately, she won the battle!

Falsy more than 1 year ago


Would you ever considered letting ppl visit? I love to see the beauty of our area and learn more about it as I am unable to to kayak smd take photos I ask. Thank

Stacey 336 days ago