On Sequoia St and Placer St from Sequoia to Continental on Sunday, Oct 9 frm 10am to 3pm. Free to everyone Read more

Event will feature dance a beer garden featuring Wildcard’s newly released Oktoberfest Ale as well as food and live music Read more

Shasta Living Streets is a local group that perfectly embodies the goals of our publication by striving to band like-minded community members together in an effort to make life safer, easier and healthier for everyone in the area. Read more


For some, Northern California is considered a Mecca for mountain biking. The climate, diversity of terrain and extensive, well-maintained trail system makes the North State a utopia for mountain bikers. Read more

We’re living in paradise, a bicyclist’s paradise to be precise. Expert or novice, mountain biker or road biker, Northern California is home to some of the most diverse, fun and beautiful biking routes available in the world. Read more


Bicycling offers different things to different people…a sense of freedom, a fun thing to do, a way to connect with nature, free transportation, social or family time, a good workout, stress reduction, you name it Read more


The Active NorCal May/June 2014 digital edition is here for your reading pleasure! Included in this issue are stories on local biking, Tough Mudder and 10 questions with Rick Bosetti. Stay Active! Read more