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Welcome to your 64,000-acre playground crisscrossed by hiking trails, running water and a generous number of alpine lakes just west of Lake Tahoe Read more

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Beach view from Lake Siskiyou Camp & Resort

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Northern California is stuffed to the gills with great places to camp Read more


Did Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller dive off of Burney Falls during the filming of one of the first Tarzan films in the 1930s? Read more

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Even the best GPS units cannot compare with a steelhead’s innate ability to find their native river from the ocean Read more




Names almost always make for a good story, and Hat Creek is no exception. Read more

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Defending myself against unseen monstrosities had not been part of my plan for backpacking into northern California’s Caribou Wilderness Read more


Describing a time of year when this small impoundment east of Burney doesn’t fish well can be a real challenge... Read more

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Peering into the lives of the first non-Native people in Northern California, dreams, imaginings and real history clash in a bloody battlefield swirling in shadow... Read more


Shasta Caverns 1

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I'm frequently amazed by how many NorCal locals have not visited Shasta Caverns. Then again, Parisians are seldom found in the Louvre. Read more