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Photo/Phil Friedman Outdoors

Photo/Phil Friedman Outdoors

CalTrout announced that it was awarded a grant of $1.8 million for fish restoration and passage projects in California Read more


Even the best GPS units cannot compare with a steelhead’s innate ability to find their native river from the ocean Read more




Names almost always make for a good story, and Hat Creek is no exception. Read more

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There are many spots to fish the Lower Sacramento all the way down the valley, but it seems like the hottest fishing area on the river lies right in the heart of Redding Read more


Describing a time of year when this small impoundment east of Burney doesn’t fish well can be a real challenge... Read more

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Once he fails to net the fish twice, he throws out all of his fishing training and just dives into the river after it Read more


Festival goers can expect to see award winning films about nature, adventure, conservation, water, our changing world, wildlife, and agriculture. Read more

A fishing contest benefiting California Trout on Hat Creek, Fall River, Pit River, McCloud River and Upper Sacramento River. Read more


Fisherman on the Upper Sacramento

Craig Nielson

Fishing the October Caddis hatch on the upper Sac will always evoke images of maize hanging on front doors, pint-sized ghouls trudging door to door in search of treats and the sound of a trout scoring a treat of its own on the surface of the river. Read more


Hat Creek is an iconic fishing stream named long ago in a hailstorm of profanity. In addition to its riffles, runs and pools, Hat has been made into a hodge-podge of dams, diversions, ditches and draws, all holding fish. Read more


The Active NorCal May/June 2014 digital edition is here for your reading pleasure! Included in this issue are stories on local biking, Tough Mudder and 10 questions with Rick Bosetti. Stay Active! Read more

Despite the severe drought affecting California's waterways, local fisherman can still find some good trout fishing in the Lower Sacramento River. Read more

A lot of people are wondering how the trout fishing will hold up in the Sacramento River during this oh-so dry spring. For the short term, it could seem pretty normal. Read more


While gaining access to this fascinating fishery can seem like entering a penitentiary, it's also just different enough, challenging enough and special enough to warrant some serious consideration about the merits of a life of crime. Read more