January/February 2014

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Neither of these Kennedys has been President of the United States, Attorney General or heir to a fortune, but if you get to do what you love every day in NorCal's splendid outdoor office space, that privilege might be almost as grand. Read more


Like a long jog in the rain or a scenic river trail hike, Nordic skiing is an ideal way to get a workout while basking in the glory of North California’s unique landscape. Read more


Ross Lawrence, Active NorCal’s Content Manager, recently upended his Midwestern roots and moved from St. Louis to Redding, California. His first order of business? Discover the Active things to do in the North State. These are his findings. Read more

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If you are looking for a reason to get up in the morning…look no further. Pickleball is taking the Redding area by storm, growing from a group of 22 one year ago, to 66 people in late fall 2013. Read more


It’s called “spin class” at the gym, and it’s not even 5:00am. If I were fully awake, there’s no chance in the world I would be here. And therein lies the secret. Read more


They say that every dog has its day. For the two NFL teams that call Northern California home, those days were far apart. Read more

This is One Sol, one of Northern California’s newest “reggae style” bands recording their newest album set to launch in early 2014. Their music is described as “a fusion of reggae, rock, blues, and white-boy funk,” -or as they call it, NorCal Reggae/ Read more

The next time someone tells you to take a hike, it’s nice to know (if they meant it literally) that NorCal has some terrific options. Lions and tigers and bears? You bet! Well, except for tigers, but during summer we get extra points for rattlesnakes Read more


It’s November 21, 2013 and the Simpson University men’s basketball team sits in the visitor's locker room of the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho. Outside the locker room and through the tunnel sits 5,339 Boise State fans ready to support their team. Read more

Is there anything better than standing atop a 200-foot snow cliff at 8,000 ft. and the only vehicle you have to get you down alive is flat piece of fiberglass, plastic and metal? Read more


While gaining access to this fascinating fishery can seem like entering a penitentiary, it's also just different enough, challenging enough and special enough to warrant some serious consideration about the merits of a life of crime. Read more


You may know him as the KRCR News Anchor, talking to you through your TV every night. Maybe you’ve bumped into him fishing at a local river. Maybe he jogs past your house every morning. Or maybe you even pass him in aisle of the local grocery store f Read more


Over 200 trained and spirited participants converged on Mt. Shasta Ski Park on Saturday, July 27th for the 2nd Annual Volcano Mud Run. Read more