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Kids Playing on Lake Siskiyou

Active NorCal

A positive atmosphere charms the area, and it makes you smile just to see others enjoying their environment Read more


Epic Cliff Jump

Active NorCal

Recently, the Active NorCal team (and friends of course) decided to take a little camping trip up to Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. We've listed some of our findings for the benefit of would-be Whiskeytown campers. Read more

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Climbing Shasta Bally is a bit harder than climbing Lassen Peak, but not nearly as tough as climbing Mt. Shasta. People in reasonably good shape who are up for a challenge should give it a try. Read more

Outdoors 1 Comments

River Tasalmi, located off South Bonnyview near the Sacramento River, is the perfect nine-hole course to satisfy your golfing palette. Read more


"Though I had stood on Shasta's summit several times before, I realized that something in me had changed since the last time. Teaching had become my new mountain something I had obviously come to value more than standing on top of a 14,180-ft rock" Read more