March/April 2015

In our road trippin' edition, we take trips to Humboldt, Mammoth, Bend and South Lake Tahoe, and give you scoop on all the sights and recreation these spots have available... Read more

In a short time, Michelle Titus went from a Bay Area city-dweller to a North Valley, horse wrangling “anglet”. We sat down with Michelle to discuss her transition to her new life, and the fun world of fly fishing. Read more


Practice makes perfect progress as they say, and only through hard work, and an unfaltering desire to improve can we reach the top... Read more


Rock Club 1

Jack Vu

Local climbing gym, Shasta Rock Club along with teaching climbing, seeks to reconnect people with their innate love for adventure and exploration... Read more


Tahoe 4

Giuseppe Milo

My experience turned me on to the fact that every Tahoe trip ends with an ellipsis (…). There’s never enough time to see and do everything available, but you’ll inevitably get yourself back again. Read more


For a town with 10,000 fewer people than Redding, Bend, Oregon is a lot cooler. Read more


Redding Marathon Friends

Nick Prete

"And it’s then, after weeks of indecision about whether or not I could do it, that I realize it’s too late to back out. I’m either about to run 26.2 miles, or fail at running 26.2 miles." Read more