May/June 2015

On his journey, Swanson has completed ultra marathons, traveled all over the country, become friends with dozens of like-minded people and now, he seeks to awaken the active passions of others with his organization, Shasta Trail Runs... Read more

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Lassen NPS

NorCal would get "active" real quick if a plume of ash suddenly belched from Lassen Peak or Mount Shasta. Sleeping giants occasionally do wake up... Read more



Lisa Thomas

What really goes into 100 miles? 528,000 feet? A short road trip? An insanely long run? If you’re talking about the California 100 (miles), you’re looking at months of intense training, new friendships, three checkpoints... Read more



Anni Graham

We are constantly being asked where we get our stunning photography. we introduce to you Anni Graham, who has provided us with the past two cover photos for Active NorCal magazine (January/February and the March/April editions)... Read more


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Lissa Jensen

Like cars, relationships quit running smoothly without regular maintenance. When there is a disconnect, life stops moving forward and sparks fly... Read more


When asked whether they think Megan would prefer to win an Olympic gold Medal or a World Cup, Both Jim and Denise replied quickly and in unison, “The World Cup.” Read more


The complete nature of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu as well as its self-defense applications has propelled it into the mainstream... Read more


Redding is not necessarily known as being a hotbed of future professional athletes. However, Upper Hand Athletic’s tenure in the North State has produced several future professional athletes including Nick Parent of the Chicago White Sox... Read more


To keep you in the know and get you excited for the 2015 Women’s World Cup, we’ve created a comprehensive preview. Learn the tournament format, discover key teams and players and hear our predictions... Read more


The success of non-profit Redding Soccer Park showcases the ability of sports to bring people together and nurture a strong, like-minded community... Read more


In our "Quest for Gold" issue, we prepare you for the 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada where NorCal native Megan Rapinoe, and the rest of the U.S. team will seek revenge after a loss in the final game four years ago... Read more