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There are plenty of difficult hikes in NorCal, but these are the most rigorous you will find. After all, what's life without a challenge? Read more


On October 25th, 2017, air traffic controllers and pilots witnessed a mysterious aircraft over NorCal that eventually disappeared. The FAA confirmed the incident. So what was it? Read more

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A proposal to add 45 miles of trails to the area was approved and the town will be named the first ever "Trail Town" by the PCTA Read more

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Harsh weather patterns and unpredictable elements can turn any winter adventure into a life-threatening situation Read more


It was a tough week of snowmaking on the mountain but a massive storm will be rolling through this week Read more


With the wave of storms that have hit NorCal recently Mt. Shasta Ski Park is looking like a completely different mountain - LOTS OF SNOW! Read more




The the 1950's, ambitious developers opened a two-person chairlift on Mt. Shasta that reached 9,200 feet and accessed nearly 1,400 vertical feet from the top to the base lodge Read more

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What is a Lemurian? How did the theory of Lemurians begin? And why do people think Lemurians are living inside Mt. Shasta? We investigate... Read more

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In certain winters, the lake that sits below Mt. Shasta can freeze, making it a beautiful place for ice skating fun Read more


While they didn't take the task of summiting Shasta lightly, they certainly had their fears and doubts heading up Misery Hil Read more


Dust of your skis and snowboards for another epic winter in NorCal Read more


There is no better way to explore the Shasta region then through the lens of a dog Read more


For frequenters of northbound I-5 in NorCal, imposing Black Butte is nearly as iconic as its next-door-neighbor Mt. Shasta. Read more



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Learn more about the 10 must-see local destinations in the Shasta Cascade region Read more

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You can either take lessons to operate your own paraglide or go on a tandem flight with an instructor Read more


For those that don't know, a holy grail timelapse consists of a change from night to day or a combination of such Read more


Lush meadows, barren valleys, thick forests, glaciers and cascading streams can all be spotted along the way Read more


National Geographic released an article highlighting the ten most dangerous volcanos in America - and four of them are nearby... Read more

New ownership has taken control of Mt. Shasta Ski Park and they have shown that they are ready to bring back summer activities to the mountain Read more


Think you have what it takes to summit the mighty Mount Shasta? Read more

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