Zach O'Brien

Northern California is a filmmaker's dream. With beautiful landscapes, unique locations and the proximity to Hollywood Read more

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It's become clear to us over the years of interacting with our audience that most people who follow us love a good craft beer. Well, we're here to say - ditto. Read more

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The Interior Department has backed off of an initiative to significantly raise entrance fees at National Parks, including Northern California's Yosemite National Park. Read more


The project to raise the Shasta Dam would change the entire Shasta area and cost a boat load of money. So why do the politicians in Washington D.C. want to do it? Read more

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On October 25th, 2017, air traffic controllers and pilots witnessed a mysterious aircraft over NorCal that eventually disappeared. The FAA confirmed the incident. So what was it? Read more

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His friends thinks he's crazy when he stays up all night in the wilderness to get a perfect photo. But it's his passion and willingness to be a little crazy that allows him to get incredible outdoor photography in NorCal. Read more


San Francisco part of NorCal? What about Mammoth and Yosemite? We consider all debates as we look to define what exactly is Norther California. Read more


USP Olympics: Snowboard-Womens Slopestyle Final

USA Today

The weather conditions were frigid at the 2018 Winter Olympics Women's Slopestyle Final. But the NorCal local weathered the storm and emerged as the undisputed Gold Medalist Read more


Will the locals find the quiet and consistency they crave or will money win out in the end? Read more

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The movie has received five Oscar nominations and four Golden Globe Awards, including Best Motion Picture and Best Screenplay. Read more


Last October, the Tubbs Fire burnt 5,643 structures to the ground and accounted for 22 deaths. The wounds of the community are still evident today. Read more


When the snow comes, let's support our local mountain by enthusiastically buying lift tickets and visiting the mountain Read more



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If you want to head out to the parks this coming weekend, you're (unfortunately) going to have to keep your eye on the situation Read more

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Feeding wildlife in Lassen Volcanic National Park is strictly prohibited. But I think we can make an exception for the 35th President of the United States. Read more




The the 1950's, ambitious developers opened a two-person chairlift on Mt. Shasta that reached 9,200 feet and accessed nearly 1,400 vertical feet from the top to the base lodge Read more

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The battle included two Native American tribes, the sheriff's department, gold miners, the famous writer Joaquin Miller and an instigator named Mountain Joe Read more

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A 584-page independent report from a team of dam experts was released today, finding blame for the collapse of the Oroville Dam Spillway Read more


Although the town was known for its whiskey brawls and gunshot murders, it's truly a story of a man achieving the American Dream Read more


January 1st marked the first day that recreational marijuana was legal in the state of California, forcing everyone to scramble to determine the rules associated with using marijuana Read more

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From adopting a family to hitting the slopes, there's no shortage of traditions in Northern California that will make your Christmas break perfect Read more