Why Mt. Shasta Ski Park Needs Our Support Now More Than Ever



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Awesome park

Last year was my first time at Shasta Ski Park, and I loved it so much that I went twice! I live in Paradise and it’s about equal distance to Shasta as it is to Truckee where I’ve gone in the past. Shasta has great runs for all abilities, not crowded, decent lift prices, and not geared just for snowboarders. I used to go to Boreal religiously, but they have turned too much of their resort into a boarder’s park with almost all their runs having rails, jumps and other features. While I know that many people (and skiers included) enjoy the terrain features, some of us still just want to ski down a variety of normal runs. And I found that at Shasta! Enough variety to keep me entertained, but some runs for the people who do want terrain features. While I can’t even begin to afford a season’s pass, as soon as there is enough snow I’ll be there for a time or two this season, my dad with me. Oh, I must also say the food is good there too. Huge burritos that are super filling (vegetarian!) and reasonably priced. I can’t wait until nature favors us with some white stuff!

Christy more than 1 year ago

The Good Ol' Days

I live in Paradise as well amd have been a loyal customer of Shasta for nearly 15 years. We had some drier seasons from time to time, yes, but with patience we were rewarded with some epic seasons. Some lf my best memories on a board were at Shasta. It's always had that down home feeling to it. Simple and easy going. I hope Mother Nature gets her crap together and brings those good days back! I need my Gully fix on Coyote!

Nick more than 1 year ago